To create a new julia package in the RvSpectML ecosystem, it may be useful to use PkgTemplates.jl and the following template:

using PkgTemplates
t = Template(; 
           authors="Your Name",
               ProjectFile(version=v"0.0.1"), Tests(project=true), Readme(inline_badges=true), License(; name="MIT"),
               Git(; branch="main", manifest=true, ssh=true),
               GitHubActions(; x86=false, osx=false, windows=false, extra_versions=[]),
               CompatHelper(), TagBot(), Codecov(),


Note that you will need to create a repository on github, and copy and paste the results from genkeys as a “deploy key” and “secret” inside the settings for that github repo to get CI/CD working. For details, see the Documenter.jl documentation.

Once you’ve made updates as you see fit (e.g., copying .gitignore from RvSpectMLBase, removing Manifest.toml from repo), then you can push to github via

git push --set-upstream origin maingit push

If/when your package is ready to be used by others, you may want to register your package via the Julia Registrator.